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Welcome to Notably Unique

Notably Unique was started in 1987 by Jim Gilfoy and a former partner. The idea was to supply gift items directly related to ballroom dancing. After 1 year their partnership broke up and Dale Emerman bought in as a partner. As Dale and Jim progressed with their business they noticed a lot of important things were not readily available for dancers, and started to expand their original concept of Notably Unique. They did this by offering jewelry, clothing, CD’s, instructional videos, costumes, and finally shoes. 


Since 1987 Notably Unique has become one of the largest suppliers of ballroom dance merchandise in the United States and now exporting abroad as well. After Jim Gilfoy's death passing in 1998 the business become solely owned by Dale Emerman. Dale, being a dance competitor (Amateur and Pro - Am in Latin and Rhythm and also the 1991 U.S. Amateur American Rhythm Champion), he well knew the dance environment needs. In 2002 Eduardo Brener entered the business as a new partner. With Ed's help (with a vast knowledge in the artistic fields), we have now expanded our business to not only dancers but for regular markets as well. Lately Eduardo has become a creative Jewelry and Hair Accessories designer, taking both to another level of beauty and excellence.


Now it is Dale and Ed's dream to make Notably Unique your true one stop shop for all your dance needs. You can also see Notably Unique at many of the Dance Studios in California where the company holds in regular basis one - day - shows fulfilling the students and teachers needs;  and in its Retail Store in Anaheim, CA as well.


Dale Emerman

Eduardo Brener

Ballroom and Latin Dance Suppliers



Ballroom and Latin Dance Suppliers

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